Welcome to St. Peter's Lodge No.54 AFM, Manning SC 29102

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MWB Michael D. Smith, Grand Master

What Makes A Mason?

Golf Fund Rasier

What Masons Do

We are a nonprofit fraternity focused on helping to make our communities around us a better, happier place. Charity being a cornerstone of our Lodge, we strive to organize fundraisers, provide community services and assistance to fellow Brothers, Widows and Orphans in times of need.

Helping Hands

A Mason"s Purpose

Masonry does not tell us what our values are, but causes us to  reflect and discover them for ourselves. This is the foundation on which other lessons are built. We help men to realize their own values and point them on a path that leads  to duty and God.

To Be One Ask One

TO BE ONE, ASK ONE. This process is as old as the fraternity itself and ensures that the individual seeking the degrees is doing so of his desire and will. If you don't know a Freemason to ask, you may contact the Grand Lodge of Freemasonry that governs your state for a referral to a local lodge near your community. If you need assistance, clink Grand Lodge link below.

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Worshipful Master

WB. John ( Jody) M. Brailsford

Senior Warden

 WB. David Duke 

Junior Warden

 RWB. Russel Wallas


WB. John (J) Eddy


Carl Farley


 RWB. Harrington (Hal) Lowder








Senior Deacon

WB. Frank J. Farina

Junior Deacon

 WB. Tray Way 

Senior Stewart

Br. James Mahoney

Junior Stewart

 Ronald (Ron} Lee Morris


WB. Benjamin (Ben) Porter

Instaling Officers

WB. MG Mitchum & Marvin Mitchum SR. 



St. Peters Lodge No.54 Manning, SC 29102

232 East Boyce Street, Manning, South Carolina 29102, United States

2nd Monday of every month eat at 7:PMMeat at 8:PM

Second Monday of each Month

Dinner: 7:00PM  Meeting: 8:00PM