Christmas Meal's

Thank you Carl Farley and Bobby James

  I am very pleased to advise our Lodge that we contributed to 10 families in our area with Christmas meals. They were all very appreciative. This is what we are about, Brothers. Thank you and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL 







Next Monthly Communications

 February 11th  2018

  Eat  at 7:00 PM Meeting at 8:00 PM

A new Message from the EAST.

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Anniversary's for November& December



  December Anniversary William Edwin Barber. 12/29/53 Glen Stanley Dubose. 12/05/95 Archie Thomas Gales. 12/03/73 George Gilbert Hudson. 12/02/01 Leslie Benson McIntosh. 12/09/82 Ander Lee O’Neal. 12/15/81 Frank Arthur Parker. 12/20/72 Samuel Eugene Steele Jr. 12/08/87 James Talmadge Williams III. 12/30/99 

    November Anniversary Donald Neal Brown. 11/10/88 Don Cagney Brunson 11/08/73 Dennis Norman Craven. 11/05/91 Job Sidney Greenall III. 11/29/91 Wade Douglas Hough. 11/04/87 Clifton Kenneth McNeeley. 11/21/50 James LeRoyce Roberson. 11/04/04 

Our thoughts and prayers go out to

  WB "J" Eaddy's Brother in Law passed away this past Monday. Our sympathy and prayers go out to the Eaddy family. God Bless! 





2019 Orangeburg York Right Officers














Announce coming events




Scholarship and Awards Banquet


 St  Peters lodge no.54 would

like to thank RWB. Cal Disher

Deputy Grand Master of the 

Grand Lodge of South Carolina

for presenting the scholarships

and awards thank you RWB 

Tommy Blackwood for your 


Scholarship Precipitant's


 Not all were able to attend  Name's to 

follow congratulations to all

60 &50 year awards


 Congratulations to all







presentation of 25year awards


 Left to Right Past Potentate of Omar temple Kenny Craven and Brother Dennis Craven and WM Ben Porter.


 WB ben, RWB and Secretary Russel Wallas and John Busby Who also received awards for Wayne Nettles and Ed Russel Danels  who were unable to attend


 WB. Job Greenall 111 and lovely Wife  


 Julian Keels and Lovely Wife


 Donald Neal Brown

 On behalf Of ST Peters we would like to thank you for your service to our lodge .With out you we would not be here today.

  Web Master WB. Frank Farina