Next Monthly Communications

 December 10th 2018

Dinner  7:00pm   Meeting  8:00pm

    Come join us at our next monthly communication and see what masonary  is all about. We will be holding an open  installation of Officer's.Everyone is invited including Children.If you know of anyone who is thinking of becomeing a Mason bring them along.The meal is free hope to see you there.

WB. Ben Poter

Anniversary's for July & August



 September Anniversaries  Aubrey Albert Ard 9/29/87 Thomas T. Border 9/9/80 Jonathan Reece Coker 9/23/10 Michael Glynn Colburn 9/17/84 Arthur Monroe Felder Jr. 9/26/83 Harold Mack Kennedy III 9/30/10 Donald Wayne Mahoney 9/5/85 Fletcher Davis Mitchum 9/19/97 Charles Dana Moberg III 9/23/10 James Barry Patterson 9/24/03 Lannes Cuthbert Prothro IV 9/30/10 Ernest Levon Ridgeway Jr. 9/24/85 Cecil Marion Rowell 9/5/85 Corey Cyril Shealy Sr. 9/29/67 Bradley Keith Wilkes 9/23/10

 .August Anniversaries Richard Willie Berry 8/27/91 Ronald Evans 8/25/81 Francis Joseph Farina 8/5/10 John Boyd Garner 8/17/72 Robert Michael Griffin 8/12/82 Charles Burgess James III 8/11/05 James Thomas Pearlman 8/27/64 Jeremy Isacc Richardson 8/27/15 John Robert Smith 8/29/73 Samuel Glen Smith 8/5/10 Gene Thomas Wells 8/25/6

Our thoughts and prayers go out to

RW  Bobby James and Family  who lost his son on saturday Octber 6th.

WB. Michael Hovermale who lost his brother Alan Hovermale Jr. on November 16th 2018





E-Mail from the Grand Lodge

The grand lodge of south Carolina  is asking  all Brothers to let your Master or Secretary know if a brother is in dire need of assistance do to the storm.

Stay safe my Brothers God Bless.

Web Master   WB Frank Farina

Master mason Degree

Master Mason degree for Ronnnie Lee Morris

 8/2/2018 a master Mason Degree was held for Ronnie Lee Morris.

St Peters would like to thank everyone who helped and supported

Ronnie. Congratulations Ronnie Lee Morris great job

Announce coming events

 On December 13th 2018 Vance Lodge no.230 will be holding an open installation of Officer's which means all Brothers can take their spouses, children and if you have a friend that you would like to introduce to Masonry. excellent opportunity for recruiting. Single brothers bring your lady frend. We will be having a very good meal therefore we request an RSVP so we  don't come up short on the food Please mark your calendar. Thank you from the brothers of Vance Lodge and myself, WB  Harry Trosper SW

Open installation for Vance no. 230

 .Greetings Brothers, Fellows,and all who can rear this post:

Follow up concerning December 13th, 2018 open installation at Vance lodge no 230

at 1316 camden road [Hwy 310] Vance SC. 29163. Lodge will open at 6:00 PM and meal Starting  at 6:15 PM and installation will begin at 7:00 PM. All master Masons and there family and guests are invited. Perfect opportunity to bring someone you think would make a good Mason. Easy prospecting. There will be no charge for the mealand casual dress, like one would wear going to church. Please RSVP before December 1, 2018 so we don't  over or under provide enough for the meal,RSVP please with the total number including yourself that are coming.                                                       

Come out and witness the new officer's being installed and render thank's to the out going officer's who served so well. Please respond to one of the number's by calling or sending a text to WB. Travis Chubb @ 803-759-0555 WB Dan Welch @ 803-971-9128 ,or WB Harry Trosper @ 843-810-9664 . 

Thanking you in advance from the Brothers of Vance Lodge and myself WB. Harry  Thosper.                                                                                                                                                                                      


Scholarship and Awards Banquet

 St  Peters lodge no.54 would

like to thank RWB. Cal Disher

Deputy Grand Master of the 

Grand Lodge of South Carolina

for presenting the scholarships

and awards thank you RWB 

Tommy Blackwood for your 


Scholarship Precipitant's

 Not all were able to attend  Name's to 

follow congratulations to all

60 &50 year awards

 Congratulations to all




presentation of 25year awards

 Left to Right Past Potentate of Omar temple Kenny Craven and Brother Dennis Craven and WM Ben Porter.

 WB ben, RWB and Secretary Russel Wallas and John Busby Who also received awards for Wayne Nettles and Ed Russel Danels  who were unable to attend

 WB. Job Greenall 111 and lovely Wife  

 Julian Keels and Lovely Wife

 Donald Neal Brown

 On behalf Of ST Peters we would like to thank you for your service to our lodge .With out you we would not be here today.

  Web Master WB. Frank Farina